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Tarot readings are the most popular form of divination and most people can learn to read the cards. Traditionally gypsies have been very much associated with tarot readings.

It is thought that the Romany women (otherwise known as gypsies) start learning to read the tarot from a very very young age. Firstly as a game and later, as they grow into womanhood, they use their skills to earn money. They never read for their own people, only for outsiders.

But what makes a good tarot reader?

Reading the tarot is a learnt skill. There are 78 cards in each deck and each card has many different meanings which can be learnt. So practicing the skill is essential. Imagine the depth of knowledge that the Romany women have when they have been practicing since they were children.

But their is another important skill that someone who gives tarot readings must have: good personal communication. The reader needs to really listen to the questions asked of them and be able to relay the messages that are coming from the cards.

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